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Metallurgy Consult

From the material selection, casting method, heat treatment to application

Use the advanced casting stimulation system, we can give you the best method before production- to significantly reduce the reject rate during the production, mostly can be one time success to meet the design purpose.

Reverse Engineering

With our experience engineer team, we can quickly rebuild the model and drawings by advanced equipment and abundant experience.

Easy to solve your troubles of the drawing missing, Staff turnover.

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping: 

Use our FDM or SLA machine, we can quickly build the prototype of parts or machine, to verify your idea in reality.

Meantime, we can use the 3D printing parts to put into investment casting process, which is turn the model to metal parts, which doesn’t need the tooling.

3D Parts dig into Silica Sol            Glue Sand                                       Pouring Metal                                                 Finish part


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